Creative Director / Producer / Director / Editor / Cinematographer – SourceFed Nerd – Premium YouTube Channel

Len has been working for SourceFed for the past 5 years. Currently serving as creative director for the studio’s six in-house channels, he began as SourceFed’s lead video editor in July 2012, turning around 3 daily videos within 2 hours each, 4 days per week. He has served as producer for 3 separate channels, including the two-time “Streamy Award” winning SourceFed, as well as SourceFed Nerd, and ForHumanPeoples. He’s directed and produced over 100 sketches for the YouTube Red “Nuclear Family” sketch comedy channel, associate produced and consulted for the multi-award winning Philip DeFranco Show (5 million subscribers), produced and directed five cutting-edge 360 VR projects, designed and built many of the network’s show sets, and created the studio’s modern production workflow, schedule, and production team that currently produce 36 videos every week.

Creative Director / Producer / Director / Editor / Cinematographer – SourceFed – 2-Time Streamy Award Winning YouTube Network

Director / Producer / Editor (VFX done by 3rd party) – SourceFed Studios Sizzle

Director / VFX Supervisor / VFX Artist – Nuclear Family – YouTube Red Sketch Comedy Channel